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Daily Rhythms

Helpful Guide for Daily Rule of Life

Daily "Rule of Life"

A "Rule of Life" is a way to be intentional in stewarding your time and daily/weekly habits to grow in knowing, loving, and living like Jesus. There are certain things that take away from this endeavor for each of us as well as habits we can build that will encourage our hearts to be more and more anchored in Jesus and His Gospel.

The four primary areas that we can think about being intentional are:

Prayer, Rest, Relationships, and Work

Think through these four areas (and remember, Prayer includes both: 1. A daily habit of reading God's Word, and 2. Spending time praying to/hearing from Jesus)

Watch the Video Below for an Introduction by Pastor Brad on a Rule of Life.

Then, the document below can help you think through these areas and craft your own rule of life:

The "Daily Office" Prayer Guide

Below, you can download a guide from Emotionally Healthy Discipleship to follow as you develop a daily rhythm of prayer and focusing on Christ:

Also, below is a helpful video and list of items that another church (Bridgetown Church) put together that is very helpful in regards to the unique daily challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic. While not everything may apply to you, we believe it will be beneficial to check out this content as well:

Other Helpful Links/Resources:

Watch video explaining the The Story of God (click title)

Prayer Guide for the WITH Winnemucca series - View/Download Here

[Video] - Mark Driscoll on Godly Manhood

[Book] Manhood Restored by Eric Mason (also available at the D3 Bookstore in the Lobby)