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Message Notes:

Not every Sunday sermon will have notes here, but often, there's a resource that the Pastors of D3 Church believe would be helpful for further thinking and application of God's Word. Any of these ideas or resources can be found here.

This is the Church: 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

This is the Gospel

The Good Life

Week 1: A Good Story - Watch video explaining the The Story of God (click title)


Prayer Guide for the WITH Winnemucca series - View/Download Here

Exiles: Our Submission - 7.9.17

Designed: THe Failure of Woman - 5.14.17

Designed: The rescue of Man - 5.7.17

[Video] - Mark Driscoll on Godly Manhood

[Book] Manhood Restored by Eric Mason (also available at the D3 Bookstore in the Lobby)